Seeding line mod. GS 400

Thanks to its hardness shape, easily regulation and its marker roller interchangeability, the pneumatic roller seeder model GS 400 is suitable for a medium-large size enterprise.
The seeding line consists of the following:

Hot-galvanised filler with storage tank
Rake and box vibrator situated inside the filler, which allowmore
   even filling.
Peat presser with double blades to level out the peat in the
Filled container cleaning brushes.
Marker roller with aluminium punches.
Seeding roller designed for seed with or without husk
Vermiculite dispenser with batch regulation
Stainless steel humidifier with drip-proof nozzles holder complete
   with filter.
Pneumatic container stacker

The average output of the seeder is 400/700 containers per hour.