Privacy policy

In the fulfilment of obligations deriving from the Italian and European Privacy Protection law this website protects and safeguard the user’s data.

Consent for personal data

While browsing this website, users and visitors are aware of the privacy policy in force and agree of the data handling based on the following:

It means operate two or more of the operations listed above.

Further than the related, instrumental purposes and necessary actions to guarantee the good quality of the service, the data handling policy is meant to

a. collect data and informations in anonymous and auxiliary way for the purpose of the correct website functionality and it might be used to survey the users’ satisfaction status about the provision of services

None of these informations are connected to the website master and nor it allow the owner’ s identification.

b) collect data and informations in order to safeguard the website (spam filters, firewall, virus detection) and the user.

datas are automatically recorded and might be included of some personal datas (such as the IP browsing number) which might be used to avoid the possibility of damages on the website itself, of the other users or to prevent violations in accordance to the law. 

datas are never meant to be used for the identifications of the users and they will be deleted periodically.

the data handling occurs by automatic instruments which purposes are to memorize, handle and transmit the data itself in order to guarantee its safety and privacy. 

Collection of data

this website use log files which automatically stores datas during the users’ browsing sessions.

  • The infos which might be collected are:
  • Internet Protocol (IP)
  • hardware parameters to connect on the website. 
  • ISP service provider number
  • referral or consequent webpage
  • click quantity

These datas are collected in order to analyze and monitoring the users’ browsing trends, manage the website and collect demographic informations

However, these datas are not attributable to the user’ s identity.

In addition ,the website can collect more datas in case of the user allow it on purpose, such as comment services, communication services (chats, email contact requests) cart services.

These datas are

  • name and surname
  • birth date
  • email address
  • current address
  • VAT number and/or tax code
  • company and company’ s address
  • profile picture
  • social media profiles
  • geographic location.

the data provision is discretionary but in case of missing some services might not be supplied

these datas are voluntarily supplied and in this way the user explicitly allows the data policy and the use of the provided informations, including the possible release at third-party.

These third party agencies will be given only the information that is strictly necessary for the execution of their operations.

This data is used solely for the objectives indicated above, and only for the length of time that is necessary to execute the services requested by the User.

The users exempt the website from any responsability about potential violations.

It is the user’ s  duty to make sure to be allowed to spread third-party datas or contents subjected to national and international laws.

Data will be handled at the Headquarters of the Data Handling Owner as long as prescripted from the law and it may be shared with individuals involved in the business organization of the site or external third parties .

These third party agencies will be given only the information that is strictly necessary for the execution of their operations and they are required to handle the data as if they were the owners.

The detected datas on the website will not be given to third party, unless a legitimate request from the judicial authorities would occur and just in the cases allowed by the law.

Datas may be shared to third party if necessary to execute the services requested by the User or to perform security or browsing control.